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Covering the world of international jazz music with reviews, interviews, free downloads, videos and the latest jazz news. Aimed at audiences and the industry, with free membership option to receive gig listings, upload business listings/musician pages.


A free shop-front connecting the world of jazz music, enabling the sector to search, connect and collaborate with artists, venues, promoters and media representatives. Includes free tools for touring planning, collaborative projects and events listings.

Jazz Fuel

Hosted by European jazz booking agent & manager Matt Fripp, Jazzfuel helps you figure out how to get more jazz gigs, release your music and promote your project. Online resources, tips, tools and discussion forum for musicians.


Europe Jazz Network (EJN)

Europe-wide association of producers, presenters and supporting organisations specialising in creative music, contemporary jazz and improvised music created from a distinctly European perspective.

Improvised Music Company (IMC)

A music promoter for jazz and ethnic music, and a resource for musicians in Ireland.

Jazz From Scotland

A voice for Scotland and Scottish jazz in the wider UK and International sectors as well as a providing relevant information portal and support network for Scottish-based musicians.


A programme of creative jazz music and talent development initiatives for the Birmingham jazz scene – based within Performances Birmingham Limited (PBL), the charity that runs Town Hall and Symphony Hall.

Jazz North

Jazz development agency for the north of England delivering strategic projects to support artists, grow audiences, inspire children & young people and build networks. Key programmes include Northern Line, jazz education conference and Jazz Camp for Girls.

Jazz Promotion Network (JPN)

Aims to advance and support professional development, information exchange and partnership opportunities for the UK & Irish jazz industry, artists and audiences. A membership organisation offering annual conference and special projects.



Annual trade fair, showcase and meeting place for the European/international jazz sector, which takes place in Bremen.


(also see Young People, Education & Talent Development)

National Youth Jazz Collective (NYJC)

Supports the creative & educational needs of young jazz musicians, focusing on small group improvisation within a pathway of progression from beginners to young professionals. Offers include the annual summer school and rolling programme of regional activities.

National Youth Jazz Orchestra (NYJO)

A flagship 24-piece orchestra plus national education programme and junior NYJO Academy.


Its suite of Seriously Talented programmes takes artists across the UK from a crucial place in their early careers, offering practical advice and guidance on how to develop their craft, build their careers and get their music out into the world.

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