Is Jazz South a new organisation?

No, we are a three-year funded project hosted and led by Turner Sims Southampton, and supported by the University of Southampton and Arts Council England’s Ambition for Excellence fund. In collaboration with other partners, we will deliver a programme of development for jazz practice across the south region.

Which areas does Jazz South cover?

The Jazz South programme covers the south surrounding (but not including) London. A map can be seen below of our region:

A list of the exact local authorities included in the Jazz South region can be found on our About Us page.

Does Jazz South offer funding?

No, Jazz South is not a trust or foundation and is not able to invite individuals or organisations to apply for funding for their projects. However, some of our own programmes do offer financial support or subsidy for artists and promoters. We will outline the terms and conditions of this support as each scheme is launched.

See our Resources and Links page for other sources of funding.

Can Jazz South arrange tours for bands?

No, we do not act as managers or agents. You may wish to look at our Resources and links page for other sources of funding, development and support.

When can artists apply for Platform South?

Platform South 2019-20 scheme is closed now for applications. Our next round for  Platform South 2020-21 will commence with an invitation for bands to apply later this year. Join the Mailing List to receive updates on all Jazz South programmes and follow us on Facebook, Twitter and Instagram for news items.

How can I get involved in Jazz South?

While we are planning our programmes you can register to receive Jazz South updates through our Contact Us page and get in touch with us directly through the Contact Form. Follow us on FacebookTwitter and Instagram for news items.

How can I contact Jazz South?

Please get in touch with us through the form on our Contact Us page