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Fourth Page’s music is entirely improvised. Much of it sounds like it isn’t. Fragments of jazz, trace elements of the more experimental side of English folk and even Krautrock collide to form a quietly intense, song based music that’s seductive, intriguing and deeply atmospheric. Hailing from the south and London, the band have been featured on Radio 3’s Late Junction and appear regularly at cutting edge venues like Cafe Oto and Iklectik.

’Dark like a starless night, beautifully poetic, delicate, haunting, seductive. Compellingly unique and not to be missed.’ (Jazz Alchemist)

‘For lovers of song who are dubious about the merits of improvised music, Fourth Page could prove an ideal gateway into the wonderful world of improv—likewise, for improv fans who fight shy of popular song. In fact, it is difficult to imagine who this quartet would not appeal to…” (John Eyles, All About Jazz)

Charlie Beresford – guitar/voice, Carolyn Hume – keyboards, Peter Marsh – bass, Paul May – drums

Information for Promoters

  • Available for performances taking place between 01 July 2019 – 31 March 2021
  • Platform South subsidy available £250 towards fees, expenses or marketing
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